Welcome to T.G. Precision Engineering Limited of Malton

Here at T.G.Precision Engineering Limited, we produce precision machined components, particularly for the microwave communications and electronics industries where our specialised knowledge helps electronic engineers solve their mechanical problems with cost efficient high quality work.

The majority of our work is with non-ferrous metals and plastics.

When PCB enclosures are required, we only need a sample circuit board to design the housing. This includes the provision of such features as pre-drilled mounting pillars and earthing studs, internal screening partitions and connector cutouts ensuring that the box is ready for assembly on arrival at your factory.

We are based in Malton, approximately half way between York and Scarborough in a 5000sq ft modern factory.

We produce components that are used in a wide range of fields, such as; Sat. Coms, Electronics, Aviation, Marine, Space, Medical and Motorsport. (Touring Cars, Rally Cars, Motor Cycles & Vintage Cars).

We also create unique parts for Model Engineering, Watersports & Architecture.

We provide solutions for Sole Traders up to
international corporations.

Products include Filters, Feeds, Antennas, OMTs, Satellite
Dishes, Bends, Twists, Panels, Enlosures, also components
for use in False Limbs, Aircraft and Airships.